What does 'flashy' mean? What does 'classic' mean?

Flashy and classic are terms for the amount of white on a Boxer. A flashy Boxer is a dog with white on his neck, white extending up the legs or a blaze on the face. Depending on the extent of the white markings, puppies are often referred to as flashy or semi-flashy. A classic Boxer is one with minimal white, such as on the toes, chest, and nose.

What is a Boxer's temperament like? Are they good with kids? What about other animals?

The temperament of a Boxer is unlike any other. They are extremely outgoing and cheerful. If socialized correctly, your Boxer will love everyone and everything. They are all crazy about kids and can never get enough attention. These are great family dogs. They love visitors and thrive on a crowd. :) Boxers can be aggressive with strange animals, but they are generally loyal to everything they're raised with, even the family cat.

Is a male better than a female?

Males do tend to get larger than females. If neutered young and house trained correctly, your male puppy will not "mark his territory" in the house. Both genders are equally great with people and children. As for trainability, they do not differ. Female Boxers can be aggressive with other female dogs. Some males have same sex aggression as well.

When can I start training my Boxer, and how easy will he be to train?

Boxers are an extremely intelligent breed. The hard part is controlling the energy. If you can make training fun for your Boxer, and get him to focus, you can teach him anything. You should start training him right away.

Should I crate train my puppy?

Yes. Crate training is an important part of house training your puppy. The crate will also keep your puppy safe when you are away from home. You never know what a Boxer will get into.

How easy are Boxers to house train?

It is important to establish a routine with your puppy. He will need to relieve himself within a few minutes of waking up, eating or drinking. Take your puppy outside him, and praise him when he goes potty. If you watch your puppy closely, and crate him when you can't, he will be easy to house train. Just remember, your puppy will need to relieve himself every couple hours in the first week, even during the night hours.

How often should I feed my puppy?

To make house training easier, you should feed your puppy at set times of the day. He should eat 3 or more times per day. After each feeding, take him outside to relieve himself.

What kind of food should I get for my puppy?

Our puppies are raised on Purina Puppy Chow Soft & Crunchy. Your puppy will come with a small starter bag of this food, you can switch him over gradually to the food of your choice.

Is it true that Boxers are gassy?

Yes, for whatever reason, Boxers can be a smelly breed. If you experiment with foods, you may be able to find one that keeps the smell to a minimum.

Do Boxers drool?

Some Boxers do drool after drinking water. Drooling is usually only an occasional thing. They are not like a Mastiff or a Saint Bernard.

How big will my puppy get?

Though there are no size disqualifications, the AKC Boxer standard says the average height is 23 to 25 inches for males and 21½ to 23½ inches for females. This is measured from the ground to the withers. Average weight is 50-80 pounds with the males being larger. Many of our puppies (even the females) are maturing well over 24 inches, and as much as 70-90 pounds. I dare to say some of the males have grown to 26 inches or more.

How often do Boxers shed?

Boxers are a short haired breed and their coat requires minimal maintenance. They do shed twice a year like most breeds.

Do I have to crop my Boxer's ears?

Many people prefer the cropped look, but no, you do not have to crop your Boxer's ears. In fact, most of our puppy buyers have opted to leave the ears natural. All of our dogs have natural (floppy) ears.

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